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Top 35 Diversity & Inclusion Articles of 2015

From race and gender to sexual orientation and disability, there was no shortage of content in 2015 on Diversity and Inclusion facts, figures, and data to move the conversation forward. Read More »


7 Magnificent Videos To Inspire You To Greatness

One year equals 365 opportunities to do something greater, bigger, different, more memorable than the day before. What better day than today to usher in the best you that you can be? Read More »

3-Word Secret to Living Your Best Life

None of the goals we set for ourselves will compare to the 3-Word Secret to Living Your Best Life that Dr. Maya Angelou left us with in 2013. Read More »

The 14 Most Inspiring Videos

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead. Read More »

2019 Diversity Holidays & Observances

Celebrating these holidays and observances reinforces an organization’s commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and builds awareness among all employees of our similarities and differences. Read More »

George Lucas Speaks on Oscar Diversity Controversy

“The thing about the Academy is it’s a political campaign…has nothing to do with artistic endeavor.” Watch the Video »

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The America We Live In: A Story of Black & White

We all hold influence over ourselves, our families, our friends, our work environments, our churches and our communities. Here are 12 things you can do today to improve race relations in your city. Read More »

5 Truths I Learned About Trump After Interviewing To Be His Apprentice

I began to compare what I found to be great qualities in the leaders I admired to the qualities I saw in Donald Trump. Read More »

MTV’s ‘White People’ Documentary

The film is anchored by Jose Antonio Vargas — a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker whose work centers on the changing American identity. Read More »

Top 25 Diversity and Inclusion Articles of 2014

2014 sparked many in-depth conversations across the U. S. After culling through the archives, the following surfaced as the top 25 articles. Read More »

The 2015 Guide to Proper LinkedIn Etiquette

From Job Seekers, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers to Mentors and Influencers; there is an acceptable form of protocol exercised by many of LinkedIn’s 300+ million users.
Read More »

Apple’s New Diversity Film  Inclusion Inspires Innovation

On August 12, 2014, Apple released a new Diversity film featuring several different employees conveying the collective message that Apple puts Inclusion and Diversity at the company’s very center. Read More »

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The Language of Inclusion

This glossary of terms will aid in providing organizations a vocabulary that expands both the knowledge and the comfort level of all employees when engaging in dialogue around mutual respect and Diversity and Inclusion. Read More »

6 Truths I’d Share With My Younger Self

When one thinks about The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying, it is ironic how many of these very same points apply to some of the advice I would share with my 22 year old self.
Read More »

Allstate Releases Breathtaking LGBT Ad

At a time where more than half (52%) of LGBT employees are said to be closeted at work, Allstate steps in and sends a powerful message of inclusion conveying, “being visible should never leave you feeling vulnerable…”
Read More »

Why You Should Support Starbucks’ “Race Together” Initiative

If the only people talking about racial disparities are the ones who aren’t treated equally, we cannot truly move the needle on everyone being equal. Read More »

Memorable Commencement Speeches Delivered by Women

These 5 speeches, while unique in their own right, also share many other similarities.
Read More »

5 Things To Know Before Building A Career In Diversity & Inclusion

In the more than 13 years that I have worked in Diversity and Inclusion, there’s one question that repeatedly comes up from company employees, conference attendees and new LinkedIn connections, “How do I get involved & land a role in Diversity and Inclusion?”
Read More »

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Apple CEO Talks Equality in Award Speech

In recent months, Apple CEO Tim Cook has increasingly turned his focus toward equal rights in the workplace, an issue he addressed again in a rare speech in New York in early December 2013.  Watch Video »

[INFOGRAPHIC] Diversity Recruiting Strategy

A diverse team offers varying perspectives and a multitude of skillsets — often equating to better performance, a great brand image, and growth in an organization. Read More »

The N’Word as Sculpture

Recently Roland Martin got into a debate with a young man on Twitter over the use of the n-word. In response to the young man’s insistence on using the derogatory term, Scandal’s Joe Morton sent an essay to Roland called “The N-Word As Sculpture.”
Read the Essay »

Learn From Google, LinkedIn & Facebook About Diversity

In just under two months, tech giants Google, LinkedIn and Facebook have all released workforce data highlighting an industrywide opportunity to increase diversity throughout their respected companies. Read More »

Why You’ll Definitely Be Fired This Year

We now live in a world where every photo you take, keystroke you make, and words you speak can be recorded, shared, and re-shared — in an instant — with a click of a button.
Read More »

No Limits:  One Woman’s Inspiring Story Underwater

Artist Sue Austin has not let being in a wheelchair block her artistic abilities.
Watch Video »

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More Than Half of LGBT Workers Closeted

More than half of Americans now support same-sex marriages. And Michael Sam just became the first openly gay player to be drafted into the National Football League. Yet more than half of gay employees (53 percent) remain closeted at work. SHRM includes James’ thoughts as to why. Read More »

Featured Content

These stats only scratch the surface of the multitude of different dimensions of Diversity we have in today’s America.  Knowing the data, the surprise should be why aren’t we seeing more depictions of America’s Diversity in television, film and advertisement?
Watch Video & Read More »


Your CV is often your first impression to a potential employer.  Avoid common pitfalls with Career Savvy’s top tips.  View Infographic »

How to Answer the Top 35 Interview Questions

This infographic (from Sample Questionaire) lists the top 35 most asked interview questions, and how to answer them! How many of these have you been asked?
Read More »

When Selection Ends and Discrimination Begins

Jan. / Feb. 2014 Issue: Diversity Executive Magazine Includes an Interview with James Wright on The Perception of Equality, Identifying Unconscious Recruiting Bias and Increasing the Use of Social Media to Find Diverse Top Talent.  Read More »

The Rise Of The Millennials [Infographic]

Millennials – who are they and what do you need to know about them? Badgeville has outlined all the necessary stats in this informative infographic. View Infographic »

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How Immigrants Will Reshape Our Workforce

Just as explorers use a compass and architects a blueprint, demographers use pyramid charts to read the tea leaves: What groups are aging or booming with youth, and what do these shapes tell us about the changing American workforce? Watch Video »

Workforce Statistics By The Year 2020

Whether you refer to them as Gen Y, Millennials, or those born in the ’80s and ’90s, they’re the up-and-coming coworkers. Here’s what you need to know about the future workforce.
Read More »

Parodying Cable News With a Talk About Race

MSNBC’s “All In,” Chris Hayes had a very direct conversation about race with the Gawker writer Cord Jefferson. The pair lamented the lack of community leadership.  Watch Video »

Music Video Photoshops Singer in Real Time

Hungarian pop singer, Boggie, decided to make a statement on the issue of debate over photoshopped celebrities by focusing her latest music video for her latest single, “Parfüm,” on digitally altering her appearance in Photoshop.
Watch Video »

Perfect Résumé [INFOGRAPHIC]

The day and age of education and job history résumés  are long-gone. Today’s successful résumés  are social, interactive and are brought to life for all those reading it.
Read More »

The 5 Secrets of Networking

Not only is networking the number one way to get a job, its benefits extend to nearly every aspect of your life. Read More »

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